3 Ways Writing for SEO Will Change You

Tom Penrod
2 min readMay 9, 2022

But Don’t Let Writing for SEO Stop You

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Writing for SEO requires research

What I just can’t sit down and write whatever is on my mind? Sure you can. But do you want somebody besides yourself to read it. Writing for Search Engine Optimization opens the doors to readers on purpose.

Writing for SEO requires time

When you sit down to write. Make time to study how to write for SEO.

Yes, you can write for fun, but wouldn’t it be more fun if the time you took write about a subject actually got read?

Make the time, that is the difference between being an aspiring writer and being a paid writer.

Writing for SEO requires perseverance

So, what is new?

Anything worth doing well requires patience, practice and perseverance

But, what if it is fun?

What if someone reads your article and learns a new skill?

What if you can create a best selling ebook from your writing for SEO?

Don’t be STOPPED

Learn how writing for SEO can be you new best friend.

- Make time to study her.

-Make time to spend time with her

-Persevere. Never give up on her.

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