7 Ways to Say Thank You

Tom Penrod
4 min readNov 22, 2022
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Thank You.

Thanks for taking a few moments of your precious time to read this essay on saying “Thank You.”

Why is it so hard to say thank you? It is just two simple words, right? And yet, they mean so much to the hearer and do so much good for the thankful person.

Failing to say thank you goes back a long way.

In the gospel of St.Luke, chapter 17, is the story of the 10 lepers. These ten saw Jesus as he walking between Samaria and Galilee. When they saw Jesus they began yelling at Him.

  • They yelled at Jesus because of their disease. Lepers weren’t allowed to get closer than yelling distance. (Remember that six feet law we were encouraged to follow?)

And Jesus said, “Go and show yourself to the priests.” Luke 17:14. The lepers were required to do this to prove that they were disease free and could be allowed to be in contact with other people.

  • Remember those drive thru nose swab tests? Yuk.

And as the lepers made their way to the priests they looked at each other and noticed that their bodies were healed. Yay! God.

And then. . .

One of the ten lepers, a Samaritan, turned back and ran to Jesus falling on his face at Jesus’ feet to praise and thank Him. And Jesus told the Samaritan to get up and continue to the priest, reminding him “that his faith had made him well.” Luke 17:19

Do you see how much gracious our Savior, Jesus is even to those who did not return to say “Thanks.” And how do you suppose the Samaritan who did return to say thanks felt?

Saying thank you is such a powerful tool to building relationships and to sustaining our health that I want to share with you 14 ways to say “thank you” besides falling on your face and praising Jesus. Which is always a good start.

I borrowed a lot of these different ways to say thanks from my future friend, Ashey Austrew.

I will pick my first of 7 ways to say “Thank You” and:

1. Give Credit where credit is due:

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